Tageslicht mit 5500K, das sind  die neuen AQUA-LUX DAYLIGHT Leuchten.
Die von uns verwendeten 24W/5500K  Lampen haben ca. die Helligkeit einer 150W Halogenlampe, die im Gegensatz zu den
24 W Tageslichtlampen,  jedoch nur eine Farbtemperatur von ca. 3350K anstatt von 5500K hat.

Das bedeutet helleres weißes Licht und ein wesentlich geringerer Stromverbrauch, als bei Halogenlampen. Aus diesem Grund können die DAYLIGHT Leuchten auch mit wesentlich kleineren Akkus betrieben werden und haben trotzdem eine zufriedenstellende Brenndauer.
Mit NC-Akku 2,5Ah wird eine Brenndauer von ca. 1 Std. erreicht.
Mit 8,5Ah NiMh Akku wird eine Brenndauer von über 3 Std. erreicht werden.

Wir haben folgende Modelle als Tageslichtleuchten lieferbar:

AQUA-LUX S100 STANDARD und AQUA-LUX S100 PRO, entweder mit 12V/5Ah NC Akku oder mit 12V/ 8,5Ah NiMh Akku.

AQUA-LUX S80 entweder mit 13,2V/2,5Ah NC-Akku oder mit 13,2V/ 4,3Ah NiMh Akku.

Außerdem sind noch als Kabelleuchten, die mit einem externen Akku betrieben werden, lieferbar:


AQUA-LUX S80 VARIO DAYLIGHT kann mit einer DC Eingangsspannung von 12V - 15V betrieben werden.
DIVELITE S100 VARIO DAYLIGHT kann mit einer DC Eingangsspannung von 12V - 30V betrieben werden.

Die von uns verwendeten Lampen werden mit eigens dafür entwickelten Reflektoren betrieben und haben deshalb eine außergewöhnliche Lichtperformance.

Für Video-Unterwasseraufnahmen haben Sie nun einfach das bessere Licht und dadurch bessere und brillantere Bilder.

Weitere technische Details finden Sie unter TECH TALK


Mehr Informationen finden Sie hier:


Falls Sie noch weitere Informationen über DAYLIGHT LEUCHTEN  haben möchten, zögern Sie nicht, uns zu kontaktieren.



WELCH ALLYN™ und SOLARC™ sind Warenzeichen der Firma Welch Allyn Lighting Products  

"It is difficult to compare lamps of various types without referencing to specific applications. There are several general characterizations
which can assist. As a first order approximation of one lamp’s light output versus another, consider the inherent efficiency of the lamp
itself. Welch Allyn Sõlarc
Ō lamps have a conversion efficiency of 62 lumens per Watt. This light output is comparable to 20-25 lumens per
Watt for halogen and 15-25 lumens per Watt for xenon type lamps. This increased efficacy results in light output comparable to a 50-60 Watt halogen lamp and a 50-80 Watt xenon lamp. But there is more....

... We believe that the data will show that the Sõlarc will be the lamp of choice in precision applications where:   
1) High light output is required at minimum power for battery operation or similar special applications.
2) "White" light adds significantly to the applicability of the lamp where the choice might have been a 50-175 Watt halogen lamp.
3) "Xenon-like" white light is critical but one does not want to pay the cost, heat or size penalties in applications where the choice may have been 75
- 200 Watt xenon.
4) Another metal-halide lamp may have been the choice but the light and color maintenance, the small size or weight, or the savings resulting
from the lower power requirements of the Sõlarc lamp and its ballast are attractive.

We believe you’ll be pleased with the economics as well! over which the lamp provides greater than 50% of its intensity). The resultant of this ability to focus is that much of the light produced by the lamp can be delivered into a small aperture or fiber optic bundle.


Technical Data Number L9401 REFLECTOR

ISL 289 Rev C ECN# 3-1796 Printed in USA 10/97

Lamp Type    Lamp    Watts    Color Temp. Kelvin    Lumens 3mmAperture    Lumens 5mm Aperture    Comments

Welch Allyn                 21             5830                                 470                                     710
Welch Allyn                 24             5460                                 550                                     885
High Pressure Xenon    175           6200                                 680*                                 1260*    
High Pressure Xenon    300           6200                                 420*                                 1020*
High Pressure Xenon    100           6200                                 410                                      780
Halogen EJA                150           3350                                 340                                      770

*NOTE: System also used IR filter

SPECIFICATION OF  (extract from technical datasheet)

Highest Efficacy: Metal Halide lamps are inherently very efficient, providing 2-3 times the efficacy of either halogen or xenon lamps. Optimizing the optical system using the short arc can provide an additional efficacy increase in many applications allowing the Sõlarc lamp to deliver as much light as a halogen lamp with 4-5 times more wattage. High efficacy plus the resultant decreased demand for power allows the equipment designer to develop miniature, lighter weight, portable, even battery powered product configurations.
White Light: Sõlarc lamps produce a color temperature in the range of 5000-6000K putting it in the same range as the sun. For comparison, halogen lamps normally operate in the 3000-3200K range and incandescent lamps in the 2800-2900K range. In visible terms, the lower color temperature dictates more red or yellow in the light. The higher color temperature enables realistic visualization of color. While it is possible to operate halogen lamps up to 4300K by the use of filters, it is only at a severe reduction in lamp life and output. The 5000-6000K color temperature of Sõlarc  produces a whiter "cooler" light which reproduces the full range of colors. The output is color balanced making it ideal for use with CCD video cameras. Sõlarc lamps also deliver less heat to the object. Please refer to the Tech Data L9403 for further information regarding the lamp’s spectral output.

Luminous Intensity/Arc Cross Section

Excellent Light Maintenance: Unlike many metal halide lamps, Sõlarc lamps maintain their intensity and color balance throughout their life. In applications requiring white light, the life of the Sõlarc lamp could be many times a competing halogen lamp! Typically a lamp will maintain over 80% of its initial intensity. Shifts in X and Y chromaticity values are typically less than 1.5%. Lamp life is specified as a median life. Median life defines the number of hours, at a given duty cycle, that half of the lamps will continue to operate while the rest of the lamps have reached the end of their life.

Life is also dependent on the duty cycle of the lamp. Sõlarc life is specified on the basis of a duty cycle of one hour on for each start with our 21W lamps. A duty cycle with a longer on time for each start will extend the life and shorter on times will reduce lamp life. The predominant symptom of "end of life" will be failure of the lamp to start. For further information regarding lamp life and light maintenance refer to Tech Data L9402.

The Spectrum: A typical spectral distribution of the lamp is indicated below. In general, the distribution is optimized for the visible range but it is possible to develop systems with varying spectral content. Lamps can be manufactured which are uniquely rich in the mid and far infrared. Refer to Tech Data L9403 for further information on the output spectrum and to Applications Note AD9503 for information on the I.R. Lamp.

Additional Cooling: Sõlarclamps operate at relatively high temperatures and require adequate cooling. The reflectorized lamps are designed to let the heat pass through the reflector, simplifying the mechanical/thermal design. Welch Allyn offers a test lamp with embedded thermocouples to evaluate the cooling design of your application. Please refer to Tech Data L9404 for further information regarding cooling needs.

Accessories: Sõlarc lamps require a ballast to ignite and sustain operation. The ballast model numbers listed in the table on page 4 are specifically designed to operate Welch Allyn patented arc lamp technology. A special connector, C18A004 or C18A003, is required to connect the lamp and ballast. This connector assembly includes a polarized mating connector with 45.7 cm. (18 inch) of silicone jacketed wire rated for high voltage pulses and tinned leads for solder connection to the ballast.


LAMP P/N                             M18N002  M21N002   M24N002

Wattage                                 18 Watts     21 Watts     24 Watts
Initial Lumens                             1150           1500          1850
Correlated Color Temperature     6250 K     5830 K        5460 K
Chromiticity (CIX, CIY)         0.32, 0.31     0.33, 0.32     0.33, 0.34
Median Lamp Life
1                     1100             750             350
Warm-up Time to 90% output                 20 Seconds   
Restart Time to 90%  output                    30 Seconds   

Ballast Requirements Refer to Ballast Datasheet LSL 018

Regulated Ballast P/N                 B19R001     B22R001     B25R001
Input Voltage (vdc)                       <----------9.8 - 15.0-------------->
Steady State Current (amps)        2.0                2.3                2.6

Median Lamp Life: 1 hour on / 15 minutes off duty cycles

Operating Characteristics: Start/Restart: To ignite the lamp, it requires short high voltage pulses provided by the Welch Allyn ballast. In less than 20 seconds, the 21W lamp will reach 90% of its light output. Color temperature will vary during start-up condition.
Orientation and Cooling: The lamp data above was characterized in the horizontal position. Horizontal is the recommended operating position. The lamp may be operated in other mounting orientations but performance may vary significantly depending on mounting position. To maximize lamp life, the anode and cathode seal areas must be maintained between 200oC to 250oC and 100oC to 150oC, respectively".

extract from technical datasheet >>>LSL 009 Rev D Printed in USA 05/00

 WELCH ALLYN™ und SOLARC™ sind Warenzeichen der Firma Welch Allyn Lighting Products  

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