The housings are double o-ring sealed. Radial/axial at the rear cap and also at frontglass. The models with TEL-DISPLAY are sealed by o-ring and a washer at the Tel-display. The frontglass is also axial and radial o-ring sealed.

The Standard housings are sealed with Perbunan o-rings (NBR/80 shore) and the PRO (Professional) and HD (Heavy Duty) housings are sealed with VITON™ (70 shore)  o-rings. NBR  o-rings are heat resistent up to 130°C.

VITON™ O-rings are acid- and alkaline proofed against hundereds of liquids and heat resistent up to 300°C. VITON™ O-rings are continual elastic between -40°C and + 200°C.

The washers which are used at the frontglass in the AQUA-LUX LASER, AQUA-LUX SWORD are made by heat resistent silicon rubber.
The washers which are used in AQUA-LUX S100, AQUA-LUX S80 and DIVELITE's TEL display are made by vulkan fibre (VF-3110) and heat resistent upt to 300°C. 

VITON™  is a registered trademark of  Du Pont S.A..


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